(CNE)Privacy International v (1) The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2) Government Communications Headquarters

IPT 14/85/CH Neutral Citation [2022] UKIPTrib 1

The Tribunal has handed down its judgment which, subject to any appeal, brings to an end the claim brought by Privacy International where they alleged GCHQ carried out Computer Network Exploitation (CNE).

This Tribunal first gave judgment in this case on 12 February 2016: [2016] UKIP Trib 14_85_CH. Privacy International sought to challenge that decision by judicial review. Eventually the Supreme Court concluded that the Tribunal’s decisions were amenable to judicial review and remitted the claim for judicial review to the Divisional Court to consider the merits. Thereafter the Divisional Court quashed the original decision of this Tribunal and remitted the complaint back to the Tribunal for reconsideration, which it has now done

Judgment dated : 28 Apr 22

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