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Additional Oversight:

Additional Oversight

A number of individuals and bodies provide differing kinds of oversight in relation to the conduct of the intelligence agencies and public bodies with intrusive powers. While the Tribunal provides oversight in relation to rulings on complaints made by members of the public, there are other measures in place to oversee the conduct of the Intelligence Services, interception, property interference and covert investigative practices.

Oversight of the Intelligence Services (except interception practices) is carried out by the Intelligence Services Commissioner, The Rt. Hon. Sir Mark Waller

The Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Kennedy oversees the interception of communications by the Intelligence Agencies and other public auhtorities empowered under RIPA


The Office of Surveillance Commissioners is responsible for oversight of property interference under Part III of the Police Act, as well as surveillance and the use of CHIS by all organisations bound by RIPA (except the Intelligence Services).

Parliamentary oversight of the administration, policy and finance of the intelligence community is conducted by the Intelligence and Security Committee. The ISC is a group of serving Parliamentarians and is chaired by the Rt. Hon. Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC. More details on the nature of the ISC's oversight, and links to its topical and annual reports, can be found here