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Can I complain on someone's behalf?

Any complaint or claim must be brought by the person concerned (including any organisation and association or combination of persons). They may receive help in completing the form and it can be submitted by a representative, but the form and any additional statements must be signed by the complainant/claimant.

Although the Tribunal Rules require the forms to be signed by the complainant, a form signed by a parent or guardian in respect of a complaint by a child or vulnerable adult is acceptable.

The Tribunal cannot accept single applications on behalf of more than one person because the Tribunal is required to make a determination in relation to each complaint falling within its jurisdiction*. Each case is investigated separately and conduct may be found to relate to one complainant but not others who are linked to that complaint and the final determination may be different. For this reason the Tribunal finds it necessary to keep a separate file in relation to each application which is made to it.

* Which is not out of time and which is neither frivolous nor vexatious.

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