Who we are and what we do

The Tribunal is a court which investigates and determines complaints of unlawful use of covert techniques by public authorities infringing our right to privacy and claims against intelligence or law enforcement agency conduct which breaches a wider range of human rights.

How to submit a complaint

If you believe that you have a complaint or a Human Rights Claim against any of the Intelligence Agencies or public authorities with intrusive powers then you are in the right place.


13 Oct 2014 - Public Hearing
The Tribunal will be holding a short, interlocutory hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice Rolls Building, London, at 17.00 on Thursday 16 October 2014. This relates to the giving of directions in respect of the full hearing of Belhadj and Others vs. The Security Service and Others which is listed for 5-7 November this year.

14 Jul 2014 - Public Hearing:
The Tribunal sat in the Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building, in public, as a five person Tribunal chaired by the President, for five days commencing 14 July 2014 to hear a case brought by a number of human rights and privacy campaigning organisations. Liberty, Privacy International, Amnesty International and seven overseas bodies were represented by leading counsel against the Secretaries of State, also represented by leading counsel. The hearing was on the basis of assumed facts, derived from the alleged Snowden leaks, to decide whether, if such facts were right, there would have been unjustified interference with Article 8 rights of privacy by reference to interception of communications. Judgment was reserved, and a determination will be made in due course

9 Jun 2014 - Public Hearing:
The Tribunal will be sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building, London, the week commencing 14 July in order to hear cases brought against the intelligence agencies in respect of alleged interception activity involving UK and US access to communications. The Complainants are Liberty, Privacy International, Amnesty International and seven overseas human rights groups

1 Feb 2014 - Appointments:
Mr Justice Philip Sales and Mrs Justice Sue Carr were appointed as Members to the Tribunal in February 2014. Both are serving High Court judges. Mr Justice Sales is appointed as Vice President

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